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Here at J & T Vinyl our mission is to specialize in quality manufacturing of vinyl products. We can manufacture vinyl graphics for anyone, anywhere. Whether you are a large franchise owner looking for multiple runs of window decals, or a person looking for two custom bumper stickers or car decals, you’ve landed at the right place. We’ll also help you in the design of your vinyl decals or printed graphics. Even if you only have a concept in mind, we can take that concept and turn it into exactly what you want.

We offer installation of vehicle lettering and graphics in the Ohio region with our onsite professionals or we can ship directly to your door. If your local to Columbus, Ohio you’ll get to meet us!

We can also laminate your graphic for extra long durability. Laminating takes a print to a whole new level. Laminating gives the print or sticker the additional scratch resistance of another layer of clear UV resistant vinyl. This is a must for trade show booths and graphics that see plenty of travel time. It works on stickers as well. If you really need your graphics to hold up against the elements or even rock chips and race damage, laminating is a must for your graphics. Any size, any shape, and color at any quality print, we can do it here at J & T Vinyl Graphics.