J&T Vinyl Graphics offers a wide verity of signs. Most signs start with a substrate and then has cut vinyl or digital prints applied. Some of the substrates we offer are:

Coroplast: A plastic material that looks like corrugated cardboard. This is a short term material that is normally used for economical road signs that mount with the wire frames, short term construction signs and other short term applications. For Sale, Garage sale etc.

Aluminum: Sign aluminum is used for a more of a long term signage that will be mounted against another surface.  Sign aluminum will range from .040” to as thick as .080” Thicker aluminum is available for special projects.

Maxmetal: Maxmetal is a sign sub straight that has sign aluminum on both sides and a plastic center. It is available in 3mm and 6mm thickness. Excellent choice for non-lit signage. Holds up to the weather and is light weight. Larger 3mm Maxmetal need to be surfaced mounted. 6mm Maxmetal is excellent for large signs that are only supported every few feet.

Alumacore: Alumacore is coroplast with aluminum sheets glued to it on both sides. More stable than coroplast. Great for interior signs and short term outside signage.

Lexan: Lexan is an excellent choice for lit sign panels. Very durable and impact resistant.

PVC: PVC panels are a great economical choice for indoor sign sub straight. Available in multiple different colors and are available in 3mm, 6mm and 12 mm thick. Will work short term outside, but isn’t a good choice due to the fact they expand and contract with temperature.

Acrylic: Acrylic is a great choice for 2nd surface mounted signage using stand offs. Edges can be flame polished to be as clear as glass.

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